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  1. Mystic
    TF2 server come back ??? yes or no
  2. Mystic
    What is With TF2 Server ???
    1. Gordon69
      Jun 6, 2017
  3. Night_reaper
  4. Mystic
    What is With TF2 Server ???
  5. Night_reaper
  6. Night_reaper
    S1MPL3 / this is stupid
  7. Lawldawl
    Lawldawl Arayh
    Next time you're online, could you contact me? Thank you.
  8. William Land
    William Land Lambda
    What does Nighteam need to stay afloat? I've sent money before and will do again but would like to know the scope of the need.
    I can be contacted directly at:
  9. BloodHound
    Same here I only play TF2 :)
  10. Holy Grail
    Holy Grail
    Oh, ok. Well I can't comment on any other servers except the CSS servers. That's the only game I play.
  11. BloodHound
    I was only referring to TF2 Holy Grail....
  12. Holy Grail
    Holy Grail
    I cannot play on the EU servers with a ping that is 100-150 and neither can most others in the US.
  13. Holy Grail
    Holy Grail
    I never see a single player on the EU servers. Tonight, only players on the EU Militia server are players from the US server Militia map.
  14. Holy Grail
    Holy Grail
    I play on the CS Servers every night. I check all US and EU servers before I play every night
  15. Holy Grail
    Holy Grail
    I would disagree
  16. BloodHound
    BloodHound stump
    The US servers were taken down due to server population and to save expense, since the majority of players are actually EU players. We will see what the future holds for US servers, but for now it's just the EU ones.
  17. stump
    What happened to the US servers? I haven't seen them in a few days.
  18. Night_reaper
    Better known as S1MPL3
  19. Night_reaper
    Night_reaper SD|Deathdragon
    What's up man! Haven't seen ya in a while
  20. Holy Grail
    Holy Grail Arayh
    what is the correct command to ban someone? I currently use the following as an example but was told it was not the correct way: admin_banid "STEAM_U:1:10027478" "AIMBOT" -1